Shiloh Ridge - Aug 3-5, 2001

Southern Chapter

Shiloh Ridge
Aug 3-5, 2001

Shiloh Ridge -- Alto, TX

Updated Jan 6, 2002

Map: Shiloh Ridge


If you are coming from Alto, TX, it is 1.6 miles from the red light turn Left (West). From Rusk it is about 9 miles turn Right (West).

The camp site and yes that is a Chevy in the middle


Those attending our kick-off event included. . .
  1. Britt Jones
  2. John Hill
  3. Dwayne Hartzo
  4. John Brown
  5. Derrick Craig
  6. Rodger Short
  7. Rob Fetters +2
  8. Warren Johnson +2
  9. Steven Holt

The Details . . .

Friday August 3 2000:

Derrick and I arrived Friday afternoon and met up at camp with Britt and John Hill. They had found a prime location to camp on the Shiloh Ridge property. We left Derrick's Tahoe at camp and headed to scout out the best trails. I proceeded down a rather steep hill into a deep mud hole, the same mud hole where Taylor had a hell of a time getting out of and close to the spot where we took our initial group shot at. The first stuck of the trip and not even 5 min. into the trails. While being pulled out, I bent my exhaust pipes badly up into his rear quarter panel. Britt Jones pulled me out and we were on our way.

John Brown, First stuck of the day John Brown, a day in the mud

We played around on some easy hills and checked out some more trails before heading back in. Later that night Warren, Rob, Dwayne, and Rodger joined us. We left for a brief night run before heading back to eat and rest up for the day to come.

Saturday August 4, 2000:

We met up early Saturday morning with Steven Holt and all off his 4wheelin' friends. They included some pretty extreme rigs including: bedless Ram on 39.5" boggers, XJ w/ custom suspension and 35" boggers, a Sami on 35" Boggers, and Steven's 79 Broncos on 38.5" swampers.

Steve H in his stout trail rig. HEY STEVE NICE TAILGATE RACK 1 XJ on the rocks not crushed Hardcore Dodge on the slopes Dodge kicking up the mud

We followed them around until Dwayne dunked his Bronco in a deep spot in a small pond. He was pulled out and towed back to camp by Rodger to access the damage.

Steve H assessing the situation with Dwaynes floating Bronco

We lost Steven and his group so now it was just John B., Britt, and Warren. We found some good sand hills and even had a 2wd sand drag.

Britt J and his broken bead and bent bumper John H spotting Britt J over a pretty deep crack in the dry Texas trail

We met up again with Steven's group and played around in the rock garden. I got high-centered and damaged my passenger side rocker and was pulled out by Britt.

Get the strap John B really stepped into it this time John B in the dried up (sorta) yet sticky Rock Garden

We returned to camp for lunch and resting. I headed back out after lunch and joined with Rodger for a little more trail cruising before the trip home. We came back upon Steven's group in a ravine area where they were rushing to try to extract the XJ driver from his rolled XJ.

The scene shortly after the accident

He was immediately taken to the hospital. We stuck around and called the others on the CB to head down to help with the recovery of the XJ.

The XJ right side up Ouch! I can't look Looking for a place to hook a strap

Derrick and I headed home around 6:00pm and the others left early Sunday morning. (Submitted by John Brown)

Added detail by John Hill

The weekend was a dusty lack of mud challenge and as you can see by the list below a weekend with carnage. This weekend was also an educational one; we all saw exactly how dangerous our sport can be.

Perfect reason to have a roll cage installed

Although the driver of the XJ was battered and bruised it could have been worse. It is always great to ride the trails with such a great group of individuals especially when faced with adversity of broken vehicles. Although most of the damages didn’t keep us off the trails (except for Dwayne) we all pitched in where we could. As a rider and yes my truck is still down I got to see first hand what a BIG BRONCO looks like in action and even got to see first hand that its not just a man’s sport. And all this man has to say is it’s an awesome site. I’d like to take this time to thank all who attended this event and hopefully we’ll see more of you the next time. And as this event showed it’s not just for us GUYS so ladies we’d like to see ya’ll out there on the trail.


Blown rear axle seal (John Brown) on the way up, just now figured out what all that oil was.
Damaged rocker and door (John Brown)
Damaged exhaust pipes (John Brown)
Leaky front tire (John Brown)
Dying engine/unstarting engine (temporarily) (John Brown)
Hydro locked 351 (Dwayne)
Clogged bead (Britt)
Bent front bumper from high lift (Britt)
Bent grill guard (Britt)
Auto hubs not working (Rodger)
Bent drive shaft (Rob F)
Bad ring & pinion (Rob F)
Pissed off fiancé (Rob F)
Bent passenger TTB (Warren)
Bent tie rod (Warren)
Bent radius drop bracket (Warren)

Rob F., Rodger S, John B and Dwayne H's hoods up but which truck is 
really broken?
Rodger Shorts text book water crossing


Video from Shiloh

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